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Besides your passport and travel documents, there are some things you simply can’t do without these days when you head off travelling – whether you’re trekking around America for a couple of months or spending a year working and partying down under in Australia. Here are five things to add to that checklist, if they aren’t on there already: Clothing with plenty of pockets  That rucksack or hand luggage is going to be heavy enough, so be sure to choose clothing that feature plenty of secure and easy to access pockets to avoid overloading your back. Coats featuring inside pockets are ideal for important travel documents and wallets, while men’s cargo shorts can be used to store everything from snacks, to earphones and keys. Portable power bank  While moving around you may sometimes discover that it's difficult to stay near a wall plug for long enough to charge up your electronic devices and that’s why a portable battery operated charger is a great idea to give your phone or tablet a boost at those crucial moments. There’s nothing worse than a dead battery when you’re stuck on a flight or rickety bus – check out this guide on the best options on the market. Wet wipes and talcum powder Who knows what the shower facilities will be like, especially if you’re using hostels or sofa surfing while travelling. And even if you’re heading to a luxury resort it’s nice to have a freshen up while on your flight or at the airport. Plus, they are a life saver if you eat any messy food or are travelling with kids. Talcum powder is another highly recommended toiletry to add to your list, it can be used to clean hair, stop clothing rubbing against skin and even soften up new shoes. Sarong  Great for guys and girls who like to pack light, a sarong can be used for a multitude of things including (and not limited to): a towel, bedding, a scarf, face cover when riding bikes or motorbikes, something to sit on and even to carry things in. Choose one which isn’t too transparent and remember that you need to cover up to be respectful in a temple or other religious attractions. Ear plugs  Need to catch some zzz’s in the afternoon by the pool? Is there a screaming baby on the plane? Picked a hotel right in the middle of a clubbing district? Ear plugs will ensure you’re never overtired or grouchy while travelling. Noise cancelling headphones can also work, it all depends on your preferences – just be sure to snooze in a safe place. Article by Menswear Style :: Men's Style