Men’s Style & Look 2017 / 2018 :



Choosing a haircut is quite a serious mission. Your hairstyle should be trendy, comfortable to wear and require the minimum of styling since many men are hard pressed for time on a morning. We’ve teamed up with our friends over at therighthairstyle… to present to you our own selection of men’s and boys haircuts that will suit anyone. 1. Crew cut  This is one of the most popular short hairstyles among grown-up men and little boys (it perfectly suits some women also) as it’s fast to create, easy to wear and is nice to look at. With the crew cut, most of the hair is kept short with only a slightly longer part on the top and front. It looks cool when textured with a styling spray but also looks good without any hair products on too. 2. Long layered cut Long haircuts are getting more and more popular. Even if you are not living by the beach and your kids don’t surf after school, the long-layered haircut will work well. Thin layers make the hairstyle look nice and it will help avoid the hair looking like it hasn’t been cut for months. However, if you live an active life, too much long hair can be a hassle, so possibly keep it no longer than to your chin or to the middle of the neck. 3. Side part For some reason, both boys and men like this style of haircut very much and, luckily, it is going to be very trendy in 2017. A side part is a classic look where one side of the hair is longer and combed away from a hairline. The new trend is to shave a clear line between the parts so the whole haircut looks more “manly” and modern. 4. Natural curls If you have naturally curly hair, the best way to deal with it is to let it grow a little bit and don’t cut the curls off once they appear. There are many different haircuts with wavy hair but they are all aimed at keeping the curls natural. If you want a little bit of styling, just add a drop of mousse to give the hair some boost. 5. Pompadour  This is one of the most popular trending hairstyles for 2017. While the grown-ups with a pompadour haircut will look classy, the toddlers look cute and adorable. To create the pompadour, the hairstylist will cut the hair short on the back and on both sides – keeping hair long on top. Then the hair is styled upwards and textured with pomade or clay. This is the haircut that requires some time and effort so keep that in mind. 6. Mohawk It’s not too great for adults but if you want to raise a little punk, go for a real mohawk or a small faux hawk. For the real option hair is shaved on the sides and kept long on top whereas with the faux hawk you keep the hair short on sides and a little bit longer on top. This might not be the cutest of little boys haircuts but it will send your kid into raptures. 7. Samurai  top knotMany call it the top knot, but the samurai certainly sounds cooler. To create the perfect samurai look you need to shave (or cut short) both sides of the head, whilst leaving the top part long and making a small knot using a hairband. You can also achieve the samurai knot out of the pompadour hairstyle when you don’t have time to style it in the morning. 8. Fade cut  A fade cut is a great option for men and boys who are not really into modern hipster looks and prefer something more traditional and classic. This is the basic short haircut where the hair fades (gets shorter) from the top of the head down to the neck. It doesn’t require any styling or brushing when the hair is short enough.  9. Medium textured cut It’s the shortest version of the long layered cut that will suit boys and men with straight and thin hair of medium-length. The layers are usually created with the help of a razor to get a textured look and give more space for styling. When your little one is not in the mood for fancy hairstyles, just brush the hair neatly and he’s all set. 10. Beach waves  You are wrong if you think the beach waves are for ladies only. The little boys look sweet and men look laidback cool with long curly hair, especially if you have enough time to style them with some salt spray (or just let them dry naturally without using a hairdryer). Article by Menswear Style :: Men’s Style