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Fathers day is quickly approaching; many people never know what exactly they are going to get for their father on this celebratory day. This list will give you a range of different gifts to chose from. You can find all of the gifts in this list at Gear Hungry, digging up the best gear for guys found from all corners of the internet. Our minimalist, content-focused design and Retina-quality images provide little distraction from what you’re really here for – the goods! 1. Atari Pong Coffee Table While holding quite a hefty price at $990, it is a great present for your dad, It’s a perfect gift for your dad especially if he grew up surrounded by computer games such as Atari. When you’re not trying to challenge your mates to pong it doubles into a coffee table with covers that fold down over the controls on either side. Another great feature to this pong coffee table is that they have USB ports to charge several different devices such as tablets and phones whilst you play pong at the same time. 2. Millo Smoothie Maker This smart smoothie maker is again quite an expensive purchase at $315, but it's very good if your father is trying to get healthy for the summer. The small blender's air drive system employs magnets to power the blade, eliminating all of the noise of your traditional blenders. This blender is also portable so it is very handy at events such as music festivals, picnics and family barbecues. 3. Sobro Coffee Table CoolerJust like the first gift, it's a coffee table, but the difference is that this is made to be a coffee table and is a lot more productive. The best feature of this coffee table has to be that it is also a cooler. This is a great feature for cooling beers on hot days and useful for summer barbecues. 4. The Hangover Drink This is a great present if your dad is a heavy drinker on the weekends. The good news is if he drinks this before he goes out and then drinks it again once he is home, it is proven that he will not suffer from a hangover the next morning. This drink includes an enzyme that speeds up your metabolism of ethanol all the way to acetic acid. It is most definitely a try if it works. 5. Minus-8 Layer Leather Watch Finally, the last gift on the list is the Minus–8 Layer Leather Watch. As you you can tell from the name, this watch is built of four different layers. The reason for this is because it is suitable for both diving and swimming and water resistant up to 100 meters. We believe this would be the perfect watch for your dad and the price is sitting at a pretty $498 too. Yes, it's slightly expensive for a watch but when you look at its features, it is well worth the extra money. Article by Menswear Style :: Men's Style